QA Specialist (E-sports / Game Dev, Twitch)

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QA Specialist (E-sports / Game Dev, Twitch)

Job description

Red Sky and Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder - bring together dynamic and profitable projects, with particular emphasis on modern IT solutions and technologies. We are a group of specialists including teams of engineers, designers, and project managers, ready to develop and support promising startups at every step. Every year we introduce new, revolutionary products to the market. We provide capital and all tools necessary to implement the project. You use your business potential by building your own team and conducting all product activities. One of Red Sky's tasks is to support the fund in recruitment processes.

We operate under the venture building formula - we create projects based on experts' experience, including teams of programmers, designers, project managers, HR, administration, and marketing - ready to develop and support promising startups.

StreamCards brings never-before-seen on-stream entertainment based on the broadcasted title for e-sport tournament streams by allowing viewers to engage further with what’s happening in a tournament match. With StreamCards, watching esports is no longer a passive form of content consumption but a gamified experience in real-time alongside other viewers, where viewers flex their knowledge of their favorite game in relation to game mechanics, map, team playstyle and match progress to earn as many points and outperform fellow viewers.

Currently, we are looking for a person who is passionate about esports and Twitch, ideally also about CS:GO. Join our team and help to test our game-changing Twitch extension for CS:GO live streams that bring the interactivity of live content to the next level. From the simple clicking on the interactive button, we developed a whole game that changed the way tournament organizers connect with their viewers, while rewarding the watching fans with the awesome rewards in real life. Let's build the interactive, gamified, and data-driven future of global esports tournaments together. Sounds interesting? It just gets better from here! 🕹


  • produce autonomously, maintain, and proactively improve testing plans for our products and create protocols
  • design and execute test cases, track their results
  • provide feedback on improvements for new or existing features
  • get directly involved in the design of new features based on your reports
  • communicate with Product Owner, designers, developers, and sales team
  • proactively investigate issues reported by our beta testers, work with them to identify issues in our product, and report them to the team


  • depends on the experience: 6 000 - 8 000 PLN b2b (+ VAT)

We offer you:

  • an opportunity to directly influence the development of a game-changing product for e-sport live streams
  • a chance to explore the new opportunities for QA and define entirely new users scenarios for the product where there is little or no market benchmark
  • a competitive salary and great, inspiring work atmosphere in our office based in Warsaw, Poland.
  • a possibility to work remotely
  • the chance to work in an international environment with exceptional experts.
  • access to a health care and sports activities package.


  • min. 3 years working in Quality Assurance (gaming, mobile applications, online tools)
  • experience researching, isolating, documenting, validating and promptly following up on software bugs
  • self-sufficient, autonomous and quick to learn new technologies
  • experience evaluating performance and stability of applications, games, online tools
  • familiarity with Jira, software testing tools and QA
  • proven track record of working independently and collaboratively with a lean / agile engineering team.
  • excellent communicator in English


  • experience with streaming platforms (Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live) as either a streamer or viewer, or tester.
  • interest in esports, particularly CS:GO, best as both player and tournament viewer.
  • experience with testing products in the live streaming space
  • engineering background & knowledge
  • other languages, in particular German