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Why Red Sky?

The reasons are endless! We chose only the most important ones.

  • KNOWLEDGE - Cooperation with outstanding experts is a decent dose of knowledge and a guarantee of personal development
  • FLEXIBLE WORKING TIME - Adjust the working time to your needs and responsibilities.
  • MEDICAL CARE - Private healthcare and group insurance? Yes, because you are important to us.
  • SPORT - You know that sport is health? We have Multisport card for you.
  • ATMOSPHERE - We are nice and polite. We will definitely get along with coffee together.
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - 100% financing of participation in conferences? Yes. Globally!
  • RELOCATION PACKAGE - We are close to the sea! We will help you with relocation.
  • INTEGRATION - Do you like to party? That's good. Our integration events are in the spirit of #redskyteam!

Meet our recruiters!

We are very happy that you want to join our team. Would you like to know who to talk to at the first meeting? Here you are! Meet Karolina and Ola from our HR Team.

Hi! I work with Red Sky in recruitment and HR. Many years of experience in the IT industry have allowed me to meet and recruit many programmers / developers / engineers. I don't confuse Java with Javascript 🙂 See you at the meeting!

IT Recruiter & HR Specialist

Hi! I am a recruiter at Red Sky and I will gladly guide you through our recruitment process so that will be stress-free and enjoyable for you. Give yourself a chance for self-development - apply! See you!

IT Recruiter


The recruitment process is simple and transparent. Your time is precious to us. We don't like to waste it. And good coffee? Relax, we don't have to drink it during multi-stage recruitment meetings. We'll make it working together.

1. 📡 You are sending your application

2. Welcome to the 🤝 meeting

3. You perform a short task

4. We make a decision

5. We start the adventure together!

Red Sky - About

Nothing is impossible

Arkadiusz Seńko and Maciej Zawisza de Sulima knew about it, who at the end of the 90s wanted to conquer the world of the Internet. Their success grows on FilesTube, a search engine of multimedia files, once listed among the 100 most popular websites in the world. The Red Sky company was established a few years later, in 2007. Since then, we create, support and develop global websites that reach over 150 million users monthly. Currently, about 100 specialists work in our company, from various industries, in various locations: Szczecin, Wrocław, Warsaw, Berlin, Sydney and Tel Aviv.

Creativity and good software

Red Sky proves that the combination of these two things is the best recipe for success. We like to support great ideas, we love to promote talents. For this reason, we invest in projects at various stages of development, but often we also create our own, from the idea to its implementation. We create software in the latest technologies, according to the latest trends and always with the greatest commitment. Our client's satisfaction - this is the path to which we go every day.

Pathfinder - project accelerator

Earlier as Red Sky Starter, now as Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder - we bring together dynamic and profitable projects, with particular emphasis on modern IT solutions. The group of over 300 specialists includes teams of programmers, designers and project managers, ready to develop and support well-promising startups at every step. Every year we launch new and revolutionary products. This is the basic mission of Pathfinder.

We are not afraid to invest

An investment is not just money. It is also substantive support, commitment and a wide range of specialists. If you are a startup founder at an early stage of development and want to build your business from scratch, this is a good time to contact us. You remain the leader and manage your startup, we provide resources and resources. Together: we create a business that the world has a chance to hear about.


The people behind our company

Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder
Plum Research


We like to talk, make plans and dreams come true.

You too? It's great, let's talk about it.



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Red Sky

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