Chief Executive Officer (SaaS)

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Chief Executive Officer (SaaS)

Job description

Red Sky and Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder ( bring together dynamic and profitable projects, with particular emphasis on modern IT solutions and technologies. We are the group of over 300 specialists including teams of engineers, designers and project managers, ready to develop and support promising startups at every step. Every year we introduce new, revolutionary products to the market.

We provide capital and all tools necessary to implement the project. You use your business potential by building your own team and conducting all product activities. This time we are looking for a CEO for a Software-as-a-Service project.

As Chief Executive Officer at a newly created company you will be in charge of all company's operations.

You will be responsible for:
● managing the whole company
● co-designing company’s strategy and its execution
● managing P&L, including especially
○ multiple revenue streams, and
○ related costs incurred to generate those revenues
● managing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
● analysing market for the purpose of identifying potential new channels for distribution and user acquisition; constantly searching for trends and benchmarks
● focusing on reaching (sustaining and/or increasing) organisation’s profitability
● analysing sources of incoming traffic, optimising conversion rates
● leveraging partnerships into more sustainable and predictable user acquisition sources
● ensuring product delivers promised value proposition and customers’ satisfaction is at satisfactory high level

● min. 15 000 net PLN (B2B contract) + VAT [monthly]
● stock option plan and ability to participate in value creation

In addition to remuneration, we offer:

  • participation in the building of international internet projects
  • real impact onthe company's strategy and the company's development direction
  • access to unique knowledge within the organisation and cooperation with recognised experts and business partners from across the world
  • budget for participation in industry conferences around the world
  • 100% funding for books, training and other materials
  • private health care package (Medicover), Multisport card, group insurance


Apply if you think you are:

  • metrics-driven - you know that both financial and managerial data are extremely helpful for evaluating both company’s and department’s performance
  • business-oriented leader - you focus on delivering business value to end users and pay much attention on productivity and effectiveness; you’re driven with goal at the end of your mind.
  • results-oriented - you are satisfied once goals are being reached and you see how your short-term actions contribute to the mid-term and long-term vision
  • creative mind - you have the practical expertise in performance marketing, using non-standard tactics, constantly looking for challenging status quo
  • tech-savvy - you know how to leverage technology to accelerate monetization and generating revenues from several different streams
  • natural integrator - you know what is teamwork all about and are able to break down silos so that sales, marketing, CRM and product people are perfectly aligned

You will be perfect candidate if your professional experience already includes following things:

  • opening or running SaaS companies
  • being responsible for user acquisition, retention, monetization
  • supervising interdisciplinary teams consisting of people specializing in different areas of expertise
  • working on an international level
  • balancing CACs with LTV
  • fluent communication in English